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Doggie Diva Rolls out the Red Carpet

New York, February 27, 2003 For Immediate Release

Alice Moss, New York City's one and only Doggie Diva, has brought doggie traveling to the next level by purchasing a luxury stretch limousine in order to transport her cuddly clientele.

While other doggy day care facilities offer vans, station wagons and buses, Doggie Diva has gone out of her way to show how well she wants to treat New York City animals and their owners. These pampered pets get biscuits in the ice bowl and a chance to cuddle on the couches while being chauffeured to their destination.

The Doggie Diva luxury limo will be used for pick up and delivery for over night stays, daycare, weekend country retreats and grooming appointments. It will be available for daily pick up and delivery for all pet pampering services that Alice offers.

Alice Moss, the Doggie Diva, owns and operates Alice's personalized pet-care, located at 90 Ludlow Street between Delancey and Broome Street. Alice started business eleven years ago as a New York City dog walker. Her clientele grew so rapidly that she decided to start one of the first Cage free doggie daycare centers in New York City. Increased business and her life long love for animals prompted Alice to move the daycare center from her apartment to a 4,000 square foot facility on John Street, in the downtown Wall Street area. Alice and her husband also started the weekend country retreat where dogs can run and play on 30 acres of beautifully secluded land in upstate New York

Doggie Diva did business by Wall Street for 7 years before expanding again, 3 years ago to the current 10,000 square foot location at 90 Ludlow. Alice and her husband offer services such as cage-less boarding, weekend country retreats, grooming, training, dog socialization and of course transportation. They are also very active in Cause for Paws a NYC Dog Rescue Organization.

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The Best Dog DayCare and Boarding Service in New York

A Unique Experience for Dog Lovers

Personalized Pet Care by Alice is superior to any other dog boarding facility currently available to dog owners. Most kennels have cages that dogs enter and never leave for most, if not all of the day. They can be crowded, unattended, and full of uncared for dogs that never get a breath of fresh air. What Alice provides is not a kennel, but rather a true home away from home for your dog. Immediately upon arrival. each dog is carefully monitored. Socializing and loving are encouraged. All doggie guests get lengthy, escorted walks outdoors, three or more times a day. No other dog care facility provides the level of service, and attention to detail that Personalized Pet Care by Alice delivers.

This is why Alice is known as the DoggieDiva

lice's doggie guests are invited to become part of her homey space and share special times with some very special guests, Kasha, Hootie, Bingo, Bandit, Zorro, and let's not forget "Charlie (the) Bird, and Huey and Dewey the Love Birds. Alice and her hand picked staff provide an abundance of love and care and whatever special attention your dog may require. Whether your dog has special feeding requirements, medical needs, or unique walking habits, Personalized Pet Care by Alice will make them feel right at home.

Alice provides a delightful home away from home to her overnight guests, who quickly feel completely relaxed and at ease.

It has been referred to as a "Doggie Bed and Breakfast" by a New York City downtown newspaper. The dogs definitely agree!

Alice the DoggieDiva was featured on both:

Good Morning America and Twice on Eye Witness News
for her
"Warm and Cozy" approach to Doggie Day Care and Boarding,
in NEWSDAY for Day Care With a Special Touch

Doggie Diva offers everything from limos to rescue help

Also seen in the New York Daily News
on Saturday August 2, 2002

In the Critters Section
Traditional kennel alternative - Doggie Spa

Additionally, The DoggieDiva was in The Sunday New York Times
on February 15, 2004, in the City Section.

Most Recently, Linda Lopez interviewed Alice The DoggieDiva
on CBS Television click here for video

Reprinted from Newsday April 15, 2003 Edition

Day Care With a Special Touch
Doggie Diva offers everything from limos to rescue help

April 15, 2003

This is Maggie's first time in a limo. In honor of the occasion, the gleaming black tresses above each ear are crowned with a diminutive barrette.
"She'll lose them in two minutes," predicts Anne Ross, standing outside her midtown building as she ushers Maggie toward the white stretch parked across the street.
While this sounds like a prom sendoff, it isn't. Maggie is a dog, and the big white letters across the tinted limo windows - "DoggieDiva" - tell you everything you need to know about its passengers.

A little more than a month ago, Alice Moss, who runs the DoggieDiva day care service ( from the top two floors of 90 Ludlow St. in Manhattan, bought a limousine to drop off and pick up her four-legged clients. The limo also is available for airport runs, and vet and groomer visits.
Longtime clients such as Cynthia White are raving. "My dogs adore the limo," says White, who lives in the financial district and sends her two West Highland white terriers - Emma, 4, and Jamie, 8 - to DoggieDiva when she has to work long days. "They're such New York dogs - little frou-frou taxi-riders. When they see that limo, they jump right in."

Inside, they can watch TV or a video, "and there are long seats so the dogs feel like they're on a sofa," says White. The limo rides so smoothly, even carsickness-prone Emma is unfazed.
The Westies like the limo much better than the cargo van that preceded it, confides White, who sees the irony: "Here are my dogs climbing into the limo, and I'm going to be getting onto the subway in a half hour."
The luxury ride is just one innovation at this doggie day-care camp, where none of the animals are kept in cages. Accompanied by Zorro, her rescued Italian greyhound, Moss gives a tour of the Ludlow Street digs: In one room, big dogs lounge; a black Lab yawns from the futon. Yappy toys run through the hallway as Moss picks her way to an isolated rear room, where two Japanese Chins tend to their litter of 3-week-old babies. The owner, Moss says, had to leave town suddenly.

Upstairs, where Moss and her husband Alan live, still more dogs congregate, including four more of theirs: two Papillons, an elderly shepherd-whippet mix and Hootie, a former client whose owner "paid for three days and then never picked him up."
Moss opens the door onto the rooftop garden, and the pack spills out. Still more introductions are made: This cattle-dog mix belongs to Stanley Kubrick's daughter. Sasha the Finnish Lapphund's owners - Moss calls them "parents" - are in South Africa.

Day care at DoggieDiva costs $25 a day; for the limo service, add another $5 in most parts of Manhattan. When the city gets to be too much, Moss takes her dogs and some paying clients "on a weekend retreat" to the couple's country house in upstate Columbia County. If you prefer not to be landlocked, she also organizes cruises around Manhattan for up to 20 dogs and their owners. "We provide everything. Even the life preservers."

While day-care establishments like Moss' have become almost as common as crosswalks in the city, this mom-and-pop shop on the Lower East Side has an appealingly altruistic side. Currently, Moss boards about 15 dogs for rescue groups, who send prospective owners to meet them. There's Liberty, a beagle-pit mix from the South Bronx, and Puffy, a bassett-shepherd mix who looks like Rin Tin Tin atop stub legs.

And perhaps the nicest thing about DoggieDiva is that there isn't a distinction between those well- heeled dogs and their down-on-their-luck counterparts. Limo-riding Maggie, for example, was abandoned by her owner along with another long-haired 6-year-old, Roxy, "because he just didn't want them anymore," explains Ross, the barrette wielder. Ross is fostering the two dogs for the rescue group Stray from the Heart (, and hopes to adopt them out together. Since she needs to leave town for a few days, the duo is staying at DoggieDiva until she returns.

"Maggie! Roxy!" Ross calls encouragingly, camera poised. After much hopping and sniffing inside, the two poke their heads out for a happy-snap. Then the window rolls up, and the white limo streams downtown.

Reprinted from the New York Times Sunday, February 15, 2004

Sunroof: Standard. Slobber: Not a Problem

Published: February 15, 2004

The annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which was held in the city last week, brought a level of dog primping that would make most owners blush. But Alice Moss, who runs Doggie Diva, a canine day care service on the Lower East Side, barely batted an eye. She simply went about her daily routine - namely, driving around the city picking up dogs in a white stretch limo.
A Limo for dogs? They're not even going to Westminster.

"It was really my husband's idea," said Ms. Moss, a dog lover whose eyes widen when she speaks about her clients. "We needed more space to pick up the dogs, and Alan said, 'What about a limousine?' I said, 'It's brilliant!' ''
Last spring, the couple garaged their Ford Windstar and began making rounds in the limo. They set out at 6:30 a.m. and chauffeur about 10 dogs, picking them up at their homes and returning them at night. A pink sign reading "Doggie Diva'' adorns the side of the limo. It always gets a reaction.
"Some people hate it," Mr. Moss said. "They say that limos aren't for dogs. And for a while people thought we were that rapper. What's his name? Snoop Doggy Dogg."
"Alan had women flashing him their breasts," Ms. Moss said.
Dog owners are generally more receptive. "The limo is genius," said Pippa Cohen, who lives on the Upper East Side and has been using the service since August for her dog, Violet, a mutt she describes as a queen. "My dog definitely knows what's going on," Ms. Cohen said. "She likes to sit in the front seat."
While people who see a dog being dropped off often inquire if the dog is famous, Ms. Moss says being picked up is only $5 to $15 more than if an owner brings a dog in. And anyway, the dogs prefer the limo.
"They don't understand luxury like we do, but they sense the comfort," like cushy carpeting and plenty of legroom, Ms. Moss said. Mr. Moss added, "Of course, the bar is off limits."

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Our pit bull's the loving kind. She so enjoys human contact that merely returning home can send her into paroxysms of canine bliss. But a funny thing happens whenever we pick her up at Alice's. She doesn't spring forth with her usual tongue-licking and tail-cranking. Rather, she remains where she is, luxuriating on one of the plexi-covered divans in the large main room, nestled between two or three of her doggie friends watching tv. From this vantage point she'll give us a look like, "Oh, hey, it's you," then turn back to her program. She is, in a word, content.

And that's why we love Alice's. We've been taking our pooch there for six years. Whether it's for an afternoon, a long weekend or several weeks, we always return to find the mutt relaxed, happy, even a bit sad to go. And we always find the staff to be attentive, caring and downright doting of our pooch. Boarding there is always communal. They don't use crates or kennels (though there are time-out rooms for the occasional flying of the fur).

At $25 for day care and $45 for overnights, Alice's prices compare favorably to other dog-boarding outfits in the city. Also on offer is a limousine pickup and drop-off service for an additional $5 to $15 depending (a bit more for New Jersey and Long Island) and weekend country retreats. Thanks, Alice, for the peace of mind. Our dog thanks you too.

Reprinted from New York Press September 29 - October 5, 2004

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