Doggie Diva Day Care

A Unique Service
- Quality Pet Care With That Personalized Touch!

Day Care - Convenient Location with Early hours and Long Days.

Boarding - Supervised Socializing, NO CAGES!

Consulting - Alice is available to discuss ALL of your Dog concerns.

Weekend Retreat - Doggie Nature Bonding!

Training - Improve your dogs social etiquette.

Grooming - Healthful makeover by professionals with Organic Products.

Pick Up / Delivery - Doggie Limo For Pickups, Deliveries, and Trips.

Rates - Great Value with No Membership Required.

 Comments from Customers

"Alice is a Godsend, I wouldn't trust anyone else with my dog Mugsy."
Deidre D. Dodd - Producer at the Rosie O'Donnell Show

"If it weren't for Alice I'd never leave town!"
Gregg Lerman - Investment banker, owner of Ruby.

"I've never been more at ease trusting someone else with my dogs,
Alice cares for them as though they were her own."
Steven Klien - Owner of Samson and Delilia.

I am sure you know how much Annie enjoys being with you and your staff - she greets
your staff with great enthusiasm (so much so that we could even be a bit jealous!).
In fact if the house phone tings in the morning about pickup time - she races to the door - every
hair a quiver with anticipation!

Jane Lockshin - Owner of Annie the Wonderful Malamute

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A Unique Service

Personalized Pet Care by Alice is superior to any other dog boarding facility currently available to concerned dog owners.

Most kennels have cages that dogs enter and never leave for most if not all of the day. They can be crowded, unattended and full of uncared for dogs that never get a breath of fresh air.

What Alice provides is not a Kennel but rather a true home away from home for your dog. Immediately upon arrival, each dog is carefully monitored.

Socializing and loving are encouraged. All doggie guests get lengthy, escorted walks outdoors, three or more times a day.

No other doggie care facility provides the level of service, and attention to detail that Personalized Pet Care by Alice delivers.

This is why Alice is known as the DoggieDiva


Quality Pet Care With That Personalized Touch!

Unlimited love and individualized attention is given to each doggie guest at Alice's home away from home.

Alice keeps a totally cageless environment, filled with healthy toys, bones, beds, couches, and treats for all dogs to enjoy.

All of Alice's doggie guests are walked outside three to four times a day, and indoor bathroom activities are NOT encouraged. Alice the DoggieDiva personally meets and screens each dog to ensure that it's personality and temperament are suited to the social environment she provides.

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In a Homey, Healthy, Loving Environment
3,000 sq. feet of Doggie Care.


Alice provides a delightful home away from home to her overnight guests, who quickly feel completely relaxed and at ease. It has been referred to as a "Doggie Bed and Breakfast" by a New York City newspaper.
The dogs definitely agree! Alice the DoggieDiva was featured on both:

Good Morning America and Eye Witness News
for her
"Warm and Cozy" approach to Doggie Day Care and Boarding

Alice's doggie guests are invited to become part of her homey space and share special times with some very special guests, Kasha, Hootie, Bingo, Bandit, Zorro, and let's not forget "Charlie (the) Bird, and Huey and Dewey the Love Birds. Alice and her hand picked staff provide an abundance of love and care and whatever special attention your dog may require. Whether your dog has special feeding requirements, medical needs, or unique walking habits, Personalized Pet Care by Alice will make them feel right at home.


Remember to book early for
Holiday Weekends!


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The Magic Garden

At Personalized Pet Care by Alice, registration opens at 7 AM. Our early hours and convenient location help to facilitate drop offs on the way to the office. Why should your dog be left home to suffer long, lonely hours of inactivity while you are out earning a living? Let your dog socialize and exercise with some of his doggie buddies to help pass the time, and burn some energy, while you are away. You'll both love it.


Pick-up and Delivery


Need to take your dog to the Vet but you need a way to get your dog there? Call Alice and she will arrange to take your dog to the Vet for you in her stretch limo.

Most New York dog owners, especially those with big dogs, know how difficult it can be to get their dog around in the city. Let Alice know, she'll be glad to arrange a ride to our boarding facility for your doggie pal.


Alice offers Daily Pick Up and Delivery
Luxury DoggieDiva Stretch Limos

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Weekend Retreat

Not just for Weekends anymore!!!

The New On Demand


Fun in the Country

Sometimes the stress of city living builds up to the point where something must be done to turn things around and put everything back into perspective. But where is the Club Med for dogs?  Well look no further.  Here at Alice's weekend  retreat on 30 beautiful secluded acres in the Berkshires, our doggie guests really enjoy getting back into nature. All it takes sometimes is a weekend in the country with the DoggieDiva to put the spring back in your dogs step. What better way to thank your dog for the unconditional love?


     The Next Weekend Retreat is Scheduled For

 Whenever you Want It

E-Mail in a Reservation and Save $5

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While your dog is at Alice's
Why not teach it better manners?

A dog that is well mannered is a joy to be around.

Alice provides basic obedience training and tips on house breaking and common behavior problems.

Alice, the DoggieDiva can also provide you with information and referrals to professional trainers, animal behaviorists, agility training, and dog care experts.


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We feature certified groomers who love their work ... and it shows!

Organic Therapeutic Shampoo Treatments

We use only the best organic products.
The finest organic shampoos and conditioners available.

The products we use are formulated to treat your dogs
skin and coat problems safely and naturally

We use only select botanical ingredients
without the use of chemicals, insecticides, or harsh detergents.

Appreciated by pets and owners with allergies and sensitive skin.

Hand Scissoring

Hand scissoring is a grooming art requiring
patience, skillful hands and the eye of an artist,
to define the profile of the breed of dog for show or pet quality.

Our groomers use their creative talents to bring out
the individual personality of your dog.

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Alice the DoggieDiva can assist you with ALL your Dog related issues.

Whether it be for the dogs in your office or in your home
Alice the DoggieDiva can help create the right environment with all the necessary tools.


Go Ask Alice




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Daycare                                                $   35.00

Overnight                                             $   55.00

Weekend Retreat                                $ 225.00

An overnight stay is 24 hours long.  From the time of entry, until the same time the following day.
There is a 2 hour grace period, prior to the addition of a daycare charge.
The Weekend Retreat begins Friday morning and ends on Sunday night.

Special pricing for smaller dogs or for long term stays are available, only directly from Alice.

Savings Packages*

All packages require an advance payment of the entire package cost.*

Discount Package Description*                                                                  Package Cost and Savings

A $1,200.00 Pre Paid Package
Pay $32 for Daycare and $52 for Overnight Stays.           $1,200.00 Save over $100.00

A $2,500.00 Pre Paid Package
Pay $30 for Daycare and $50 for Overnight Stays.           $2,500.00 Save Over $400.00

A $5,000.00 Pre Paid Package
Pay $26 for Daycare and $46 for Overnight Stays.           $5,000.00 Save Over $1,700.00

Purchase any pre paid package and receive discounted pickup and delivery rates.

Pick-up and Delivery

Rates depending on location, frequency and range from as little as $15.00 - $25.00 anywhere in Manhattan.  We also perform pick-ups and deliveries to all other boroughs in NYC as well as to Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island.

*Packages are paid in full in advance to receive the benefits and must be used to completion.



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