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We are located at

Columbia County in Upstate New York



A Fleet of Stretch Limousines
For Pick Ups
and Deliveries
as well as for
other travel
requirements you might have
for you and
your dog.

And Check It Out On The Inside

We Have:

30 Acres of Woods and Runs.

And a Beautiful Home.
For your dog to relax and socialize in
Loaded with couches, beds, TVs, and our loving staff


Personalized Organic Grooming


A Store Full of Organic and Holistic Products

More every day ... Come and Check us out





Let the DoggieDiva and the Ventura
bring you and your dog back to Lower Manhattan.
Come and join us for another delightful Tail Wagging Sail around New York Harbor.
Bring your favorite dog along for the ride so you both can enjoy the day.
Refreshments on board and Fun for All!

Tail Wagging Sail
Stay tuned for the next scheduled journey.

See photos of previous sailing trips

For Information and Reservations

E-mail Alice or Call the Doggie Diva at (212) 228-7894

Don't forget your sunglasses





Alice's Favorite Spots

If you like Mexican Food, here is one of Alice's favorite MEXICAN SPOTS

GREAT Margaritas - Alice's favorite Shrip Fajitas - The BEST FLAN in NYC - and it's Dog Friendly

They are located Near the South Street Seaport, next to the Brooklyn Bridge on Front Street

Tell them it was a DoggieDiva recommendation.










If you are looking for dog walking services
the DoggieDiva recommends:

Petaholics - New York City's Premier Dog Walking Service


doggie fashion wear

with discounts by Alice

The DoggieDiva

In April 2003, Barbara Pertchik launched oliver's duds to leverage her spirited passion for animals with her design finesse
to come up with ‘wearable art’ for dogs. Her sweater apparel is made of the highest quality textured yarns, designed with
the utility of providing warmth, but also with an upscale designer flair representative of current trends in human wear.

In fact, she follows all the fashion trends and creates her style line accordingly, with all the luscious yarn colors of the
current fashion season and embellishments, including beads and buttons. Her sweaters are actually little replicas of
human boutique-type sweaters currently sold in stores. Barbara has extended the Doggiediva the ability to offer
these wonderful designs to you at prices that can not be found in any store.

Checkers - Reminiscent of the NYC checker cab; two buttons; split collar.
Retail Price: $65.00
Doggiediva Price: $50.00

Sooo Cute - Fun, multi-colored sweater with colored squiggles on tip of hood and single-button belt.
Retail: $65.00
DoggieDiva: $50.00

Bronzy Madison - Sophisticated Fuzzy Multi shades of bronze
Retail: $65.00
DoggieDiva: $50.00

Email or Call Alice at (212) 228 7894 For Pricing and Additional Style Information

Meet Jill Freedman
World Renowned Photographer

Wednesday Evening July 26th
5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

At The Photographic Gallery 252 Front Street
Seaport Historic District

A Very Special Evening for Dogs and Their Owners
· Bring your Dog.
· Enjoy a Glass of Wine.
· Treats for your Dog.
· Photos of Jill's Dogs will be on display.
· Alice the DoggieDiva will be your Host.
· First Editions of "Jill's Dogs" available Signed and Personalized.
· Meet the Photographer.
· Discuss your Portrait requirements.
· Jill is available for:

Dog Portraits
Family Photo Documentaries
A Day In The Life Photo Documentaries